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There are no hidden usage limits with Airwire.

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VDSL Products - Fibre to the Cabinet

Residential Packages

Package Speed Cap Monthly fee
Pro Step 1 up to 50 Mbit/s** 500GB €40.00
Pro Step 2 up to 100 Mbit/s** None €49.00

Contract Term / Installation Cost

Contract Term Installation Router
6 months €99.00 From €95.00
12 months €99.00 Free router
18 months Free Free router

AddOn Services

AddOn   Monthly fee
Phone AddOn ( no calls included ) €5.00***
Call Package AddOn ( phone and 500 minutes per month to Ireland, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Germany - landlines only ) €10.00***
Call + Mobile Package AddOn ( phone, 500 minutes per month to Ireland, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Germany - landlines only + 100 minutes to irish mobile phones ) €15.00***
Data AddOn 500GB ( Valid 6 months, only used when allowance has been exceeded ) €10.00
Fixed IP ( Has to be requested ) Free

All our packages are at a maximum of 16:1 contention.

(**) - So why is the speed specified as up to ? We will provide the fastest speed possible to the maximum, that is available based on your geographic location and your distance to the next fibre cabinet. This could be anything up to the speed specified depending on your distance to the cabinet and the quality of the line.

The upload speed is typically be 10-20% of the download speed. If technology changes, these upgrades will automatically apply to your connection.

We'll advise you of the max speed possible when you order if possible. If we don't have any line data, we will give you the final figure after the installation.

And should you reach your data cap, you can decide what you want to do: either the connection slows down to 128 kbit/s or you can buy a data addon package and just carry on normally.

(***) - Installation pricing on our phone and call addon varies, as it depends, if you want a new number or want to transfer yours. Please check our fee structure.



Model Features Price
AVM Fritz!Box 7530 Dual band Wifi (2.4GHz and 5GHz), VoIP, DECT, phone system, parental controls €95.00
AVM Fritz!Box 7590 Dual band Wifi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz), VoIP, DECT, phone system with analogue and ISDN, parental controls €239.00
Mikrotik Routerboard 2011UiAS-2Hnd Advanced Business Router €109.00
VDSL SFP AddOn for Routerboard, required for VDSL €150.00



Model Features Price
AVM Fritz!Fon M2 DECT handset with monochrome display €59.00
AVM Fritz!Fon C4 DECT handset with color display €65.00

All pricing includes VAT - Additional charges may apply, please check our fee structure.

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